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Fourth Age of Care for everyLIFE Technologies


As a visionary and ambitious market entrant, everyLIFE Technologies, wanted to establish a national, thought leading and influencing position at pace.

The PASSsystem and openPASS were set to revolutionise social care by eradicating paper records and connecting people being cared for at home with their families and health professionals through a secure app.


Salix produced an analysis paper identifying key political drivers and influential stakeholders. YouGov research supported openPASS's national launch.and Salix then connected everyLIFE with a network of key stakeholders to form a national advisory council drive a longer term influencing strategy, the Fourth Age of Care. A number of high level round tables inform a hard-hitting five point advisory plan, released as a white paper.

from market entrant to change agent

from market entrant to change agent


The openPASS launch supported by published letters to editors in The Times and The Daily Telegraph achieved widespread trade coverage, and national media interest including the BBC and Guardian. The Fourth Age of Care Council established everyLIFE as a thought-leading and influential market player.