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Thursday Sept 29

Last night, Panorama exposed appalling abuse at a Manchester mental health unit, dangerous hospital roofs won’t be fixed until 2035 and the Association of Anaesthetists warns of a looming shortage of their numbers.

Angus Wrixon Editor

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Headlining today

NHS Policy / Performance / Service redesign / £

Health professionals should not let fears about sharing personal data “stand in the way” of reporting patients at risk of ”being groomed into terrorist activity”, new government guidance HSJ


Warning that there will be a shortage of anaesthetists as the ageing workforce retire Times


Altzheimer’s drug breakthrough - lecanemab is designed to remove clumps of toxic beta-amyloid proteins that build up in the affected brains BBC

Mental health

Panorama uncovers abuse of patients in Manchester unit  - the harrowing programme is here BBC

Mental health policies for drug users not being followed in Scotland Guardian

An independent mental health facility, Sherwood Lodge in Weston-Super-Mare, is challenging an “inadequate” CQC rating, and said it will use “the full extent of the law” to do so HSJ

Public health

YouGov health survey portrays nation of tired, overweight layabouts - the survey questioned a sample of 1,000 people in eight countries: the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Australia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Britons are more depressed, fatter and do less exercise - but smoke less. The research was commissioned by Allurion, a medical technology company that makes swallowable gastric balloons Times


Dangerous hospital roofs - those built with reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) - ‘will not be fixed until 2035’ Guardian


The NHS app has been downloaded 30 million times, with many people using it to spell out their preferences on organ donation BBC

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NEW!  Fixing the NHS: Why we must stop normalising the unacceptable - Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ report

NEW! Public perceptions of health and social care: what the new government should know - like: The public is pessimistic about the state of the NHS. The majority (55%) think the general standard of care has got worse in the past 12 months Health Foundation

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