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Thursday December 12, 2019

Unsurprisingly, there is very little health or social care news making the mainstream media today. Which perhaps explains why the April Fool-like announcement that Number 10 is considering forming an NHS staff morale tracking service that would report to the PM on a monthly basis. Imagine being the person who has to deliver that information every month!

Angus Wrixon

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the briefing

Headlining today 


NHS staff morale tracker if Johnson wins the election HSJ


The British Dental Association and the Association of Dental Groups wrote to health secretary Matt Hancock and NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens to share “very serious” concerns over the procurement of orthodontics HSJ


King’s Health Partners hired a behavioural psychologist to work with senior clinicians from two trusts whose disagreements about clinical practice had undermined a prestigious joint transplant programme HSJ

Community pharmacy

Pharmacists worry about mistakes or poor service – RPS survey PJ

what the bloggers are blogging

Unconventional healthcare – Five organisations delivering health services differently Kings Fund

Five hits, five misses: public and population health and the main party manifestos Kings Fund

Five reasons why this Winter might be different – Siva Anandaciva for Kings Fund

One in four hospital staff born outside the UK, new Nuffield Trust analysis reveals Nuffield

Stopping the staff we need? Migration choices in the 2019 general election Nuffield

Integration – If you think competition is hard, you should try collaboration' King’s Fund

Austerity in the UK and poor health: were deaths directly affected? Rodney Jones, Lecturer in Healthcare Management, Coventry University

the agenda

New guidance on supporting people back to work after long term sickness NHS Employers

Easy-to-read comparison those parties’ pledges to NHS Kings Fund

RCOG launches “Better for Women” report: A survey of over 3,000 women in the UK shows many are struggling to access basic healthcare services including contraception, abortion care and menopause support 

IHM members' manifesto

Consistent themes include:
- A long term and predictable funding guarantee for the NHS year on year (71%)
- A critical analysis and public consultation for a hypothecated tax, or increase in national insurance,specifically to improve revenue for social care services (60%)
- Dedicated funding to support the ongoing professional development and education and training of health and social care professionals, particularly with the return of real cash bursaries to aid nurse recruitment and training (43%)

Conservative manifesto Get Brexit Done and Unleash Britain’s Potential Here’s the health bit

Labour manifesto – It’s time for real change

Lib Dem manifesto – Stop Brexit (here’s the health bit)

Green manifesto – If not now, when? Here’s the health bit

SNP manifesto

Plaid Cymru manifesto

DUP Manifesto

Brexit Party manifesto

UP manifesto NHS privatisation – fact or fiction? Helen Buckingham and Mark Dayan take a closer look at this often thorny issue Nuffield Trust

Pulse’s election manifesto for GPs

Royal Society for Public Health – Election manifesto RSPH

what's on when

The full list of IHM's upcoming events can be found here

NEW DATE Wednesday 15 January  5.30-8pm King’s Fund: Healthchat with Prerana Issar, NHS England’s Chief People Officer Details and booking here



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