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Friday October 18, 2019

With just about every minute of broadcast time, and square centimetre of print space taken up with deal or no deal, the BMA might have felt disappointed to see how prominently their “toxic culture” has been reported. An investigation led by a QC found a toxic atmosphere in which women were regularly referred to as  “Silly girls” “little ladies” and “wee lassies”. Good to see the BMA keeping up with the times when more than half of GPs are women

Angus Wrixon

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the briefing

Headlining today, Friday October 18


BMA – a toxic culture: Britain’s biggest doctors’ union is an “old boys’ club” in which female staff are regularly demeaned, patronised and sexually harassed, an investigation has concluded Times and Independent

Multiyear pay and contract reform’ set for 9,000 for specialty doctors and associate specialists HSJ


Nuffield Trust responds to the disappointing absence of concrete proposals for social care reform in the recent Queen’s Speech Nuffield Trust


Medical first: Fatty tissue found in lungs of overweight people which may explain increased incidence of asthma  BBC


Formal “group” relationship formed between Western Sussex FT and Brighton and Sussex UHT HSJ

New chief exec for troubled Shrewsbury and Telford: Louise Barnett, current chief executive of Rotherham Foundation Trust, will join in February next year HSJ

General practice

Continuity of care is as important as access to general practice – thought piece by Nuffield Trust’s Dr Rebecca Rosen BMJ

what the bloggers are blogging

Eternal Winter for Trusts? With new performance statistics laying bare the stark pressures facing the NHS and their impact on patients, Sarah Scobie takes a closer look at the health service’s September struggles  Nuffield Trust

Delivering general practice with too few GPs - with an increasing number of GPs leaving clinical practice or working part time, and many practices unable to fill vacant GP posts, this briefing presents some ideas on how general practice can continue to be provided as the shortage of GPs becomes chronic  Nuffield Trust

NHS England published its Combined Performance Summary, which provides data on key performance measures for August and September of this year. Here we show some of these statistics and how they compare with previous years  Nuffield Trust

There's undoubtedly some good news in some hospitals receiving extra investment, but the new health infrastructure plan also arguably raises more questions than it answers. Siva Anandaciva explores the four elements that are particularly puzzling Kings Fund

Key party announcements from party conferences Kings Fund

What might Labour’s pledge for free personal care entail ? Nuffield

AI in the NHS – getting the priorities right Health Foundation

Crunch time for local system plans: Why we should we pay attention to the new system plans that are currently being developed by STPs and ICSs across England? There are five things to look out for writes Anna Charles for King’s Fund

The letter to MPs from Health Foundation and King’s Fund on the potential damaging implications of Brexit for health and social care here


the agenda

National Audit Office warning – it says medicines supply is still not adequately prepared for a no-deal Brexit BBC. You can read the full NAO Report here

NHS England’s Healthy New Towns programme has sought to bring together the health sector, housing developers, local authority planning teams and local residents to design and build healthier communities – a series of reports from King’s Fund

Learning from avoidable brain injuries at birth: NHS Resolution has reported on the first year of its innovative scheme to drive improvements in maternity and neonatal services and to ensure that families are better supported whose babies suffer rare, but tragic, avoidable brain injuries at birth NHS Resolution

National Cancer Patient Experience survey 2018 results

King’s Fund’s Essential Guide to Commissioning King’s Fund

Sugar reduction - Public Health England’s progress report 2015-18 PHE

Duty on alcohol should be dramatically overhauled so that the stronger a drink is, the more tax it incurs says Social Market Foundation

European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies - Strengthening health systems through nursing: evidence from 14 European countries, a report from WHO

In January 2019, Public Health England published proposals for changes to the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF). Indicators that were to be revised, added or removed, with a rationale for each, were outlined in the consultation. This report summarises the response to the consultation and outlines the changes to the PHOF from 2019/20

Understanding PCNs - context, benefits and risks - an overview from Health Foundation

New pharmacy contract - excellent digest in P3 Magazine

How to build Integrated Care Systems - everything you need to know from NHS England



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