Dog’s blog: how many sleeps till the 10 year plan?

The Christmas tree went up in the office this week. Twinkly lights and lots of different shiny things that never fail to amuse. I think everyone’s just about got over the somewhat unfortunate incident last year. Let’s just say, it was a tree and I’m a dog and well…what did they expect? Anyway, there’s barely…

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Dog’s blog: army barmy?

News comes this week that Matt Hancock thinks the NHS could learn a thing or two about management from McDonald’s. One assumes that Ronald McDonald won’t be asked for any lessons in the infection control department given the concurrent revelation that their ordering touch screens are covered in human faeces. That’d breed a culture, yes,…

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Dog’s blog: black dog friday

Bailey, the Salix Newshound, is fed up with Black Friday. Is it just me or is anyone else finding Black Fridays deeply depressing? Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day in the USA. People take the following Friday as an unofficial holiday and flock to the shops. Well, they used to. Now,…

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Dog’s blog: our number’s up

aerial shot of man reading a newspaper on a bench

Bailey, our faithful newshound, sniffs out the big stories of the week. Brexit. What a dog’s breakfast that’s all turning out to be. I made the mistake of trying to get through a few pages of the draft Agreement for the withdrawal from the EU. It’s largely incomprehensible legalese. And from where I sit, there…

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Dog’s blog: food for thought

This week, our Newshound, Bailey, picks through the bones of the health stories. This week opened with the Daily Telegraph’s much trumpeted interview with SoS, Matt Hancock. He was talking up his long term prevention plan and turning what he calls the National Hospital Service into a real health service. Wonder if the Daily Telegraph…

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The dog’s blog

The week’s health and social care news rounded up by Bailey, the Newshound It’s been eyes down on the Chancellor’s budget this week for health and social care watchers – and the ensuing debate about whether the £20.5 billion bung for the NHS was all it was cracked up to be. Unsurprisingly, most commentators didn’t…

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Making fishermen’s friends


At the NAPC Awards ceremony last week, the winner of the Primary Care Home of the Year Award was Healthier Fleetwood. It’s their second award this year having also bagged the Northern Region’s NHS70 Parliamentary Award. And, they’ve been shortlisted for the General Practice Awards next month. So what is Healthier Fleetwood – and why…

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When the shoe’s on the other foot

Man tying shoes up

To truly understand someone, they say you should walk a mile in their shoes. Seeing things from somebody else’s point of view is an important part of being a better person – I suspect we all know a few bosses, employees or politicians who could benefit from taking a stroll in someone else’s footwear. Anyway,…

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