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Susan has held senior editorial positions at Health Service Journal and is also a former editor of Young Minds magazine. In her current role in health media, research and PR, she has recently completed a two-year contract with Camden Clinical Commissioning Group, were she was working on their GP education programme. For Salix, she has…

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Ryan Chapman

Filmmaker, Videographer and Editor Ryan is an independent filmmaker, videographer and editor with a wealth of experience across a wide range of productions. Always in search of a good story, Ryan has found himself shooting an eclectic mix of subjects, from cancer-curing scientists to religious cult members to Shaolin monks. With a keen creative eye…

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Hunt for the Truth?

82 days to go to the election, just in case you were counting. To lighten this somewhat depressing fact ask yourself the question, which politician’s face do I not want to slap? I suggest your list is not a long one. In the spirit of openness and transparency, I confess that Jeremy Hunt is on…

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The dog’s blogs

Hello readers. Delighted to be writing my first Dog’s Blog since arriving here at Salix & Co. It’s odd being the new pup on the block. I’ve been here a week and now that I’m actually finding my feet – well  paws if you’re being  pedantic – I think life here in the Salix Treehouse…

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Patients – ill or just ill-informed?

Working as a surgery receptionist is a bit like bartending: plenty of face-to-face interaction, a host of largely friendly regulars and a good deal of listening to people moan about their lives. This strained analogy ends however when we consider that while most people in a pub are happy to be there, nobody has ever…

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High street health the key to NHS survival

It may be a heatwave outside but the College of Emergency Medicine focused our attention on colder days ahead with a warning that the NHS faces ‘walking blindfolded into another ‘winter crisis’’ if it doesn’t take action, and helpfully provided its solutions. All very reassuring until I scanned the 13 practical recommendations put forward by…

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