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As a PRCA Specialist Consultancy of the Year, our standards are exacting. We look after some of the most progressive and transformational organisations in health and social care today. We take on only the very best people to make sure our clients’ stories are told in an ethical, engaging and effective way.

So, what do we look for in Salix people?

  • You’ll have a passionate and visceral interest in the media – you’ll know and care about what makes the Sun shine, what drives Independent thinking, what drives our Times and who holds up a Mirror to society. You’ll love to say Hello to Grazia when it matters, and know what makes a Stylist and why nothing should be Standard. You’ll know the difference between @marrshow from @peston and be interested in both.
  • You’ll also know what makes a #hashtag stand out and when Facebook is more relevant than LinkedIn.
  • You’ll have a natural nose for a story and have a sense of how to make (rather than break) news – we’re in PR, not journalism.
  • You’ll be a natural sales person and love the idea of pitching your story to key media, and will have an eagerness – and healthy human fear – of doing so.
  • You’ll also love the idea of building relationships with key journalists, so that when you do pitch stories to them, you know you’re doing so on their terms and with a story that matters to them.
  • You’ll inherently understand the importance of networking. PR relies on advocacy – Salix has some of the best networks in the business – we’ll expect you to embrace that.
  • You’ll be a fabulous team player – and that includes interacting with office newshound, Bailey – and be able to demonstrable initiative, self-motivation and loyalty.
  • Your writing, punctuation and grammar skills will be second-to-none. You’ll pride yourself on knowing exactly where the apostrophe goes (that’s what our clients pay us for) and you’ll take pride in getting that right.
  • You’ll be inherently fascinated by the politics of the health, education and social sectors – your knowledge doesn’t need to be in-depth, but you’ll want it to be. And we’ll help you get there.
  • You’ll be happy and comfortable dealing with all kinds of people. Client expectations are, understandably, varied – and we’ll need your diplomatic, honest and sensitive approach to help ensure they get the results they’re looking for.

In return you’ll get a highly facilitative working environment. We support our team – whatever level they’re at – to deliver the best possible results for our clients, and to make a transformational difference both to them and to Salix.

You’ll have access to some of the best PR and journalist brains in the country, helping you to fast track your PR career. None of us is as smart as all of us.

Please send your CV (paper or digital, we welcome YouTube CVs as long as they’re tailored to us) with a brief covering letter that tells us exactly why Salix is your chosen preference as an employer.

We are recruiting at all levels – from senior account executives and account managers to account and associate directors. Please email us for an application form.

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Name: Sarah Wrixon
Number: 020 8675 4779

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