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GP - The (Horror) Movie

GP – The (Horror) Movie

I always wanted to be a GP. Actually, having been brought up on a farm, I wanted to be a vet. But a combination of discouraging educationalists and James Herriot making it the most popular profession in the world, the animal world was spared. Educati…
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1 day agoGP – The (Horror) Movie
The Debate on Cancer Treatment Has Only Just Begun

The Debate on Cancer Treatment Has Only…

Harry Pettit
 Somewhat inevitably, it’s all gotten out of hand. It’s unsurprising that recent controversy surrounding the Cancer Drugs Fund has grabbed the media’s attention - governmental cock-up plus terminally ill patients plus stuttering healthcare system equ…
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2 weeks agoThe Debate on Cancer Treatment Has Only…
Bad Luck, Bad Behaviour or Bad Reporting?

Bad Luck, Bad Behaviour or Bad Reporting…

Sarah Coats Chandler
If you were too busy gobbling down turkey, scoffing Celebrations and quaffing booze over the festive period, you may have missed the news that ‘most types of cancer are largely down to bad luck rather than lifestyle or genes’ (see link to the right).…
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3 weeks agoBad Luck, Bad Behaviour or Bad Reporting…
Great Aunt Sante’s Christmas Message:

Great Aunt Sante’s Christmas Message:

Stewart Laing
Well here we are again – gosh, where does the time go? It seems only yesterday I was sending you all my Christmas 2013 message. When you get to my age (and we set up the Firm in 1948 for those of you who’ve forgotten), the years seem to fly by ev…
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1 month agoGreat Aunt Sante’s Christmas Message:
Santa's Cause

Santa’s Cause

Do you believe in Father Christmas? Saint Nicolas, Santa Claus, call him what you will, he’s got quite a few titles actually. That’s what happens when you’re a world-wide phenomenon. To millions, he’s the twinkly-eyed, avuncular figure, slightly…
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2 months agoSanta’s Cause


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